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A Red Flower Rising Towards Uludağ Has Bloomed in the Heart of Bursa

Bursa Teleferik, which set out for the first time on the anniversary of our republic on October 29, 1963, has been one of the most significant symbols of Bursa since its establishment. The cable car, which served with the same technology until 2012, has always been known as the most pleasant way to reach Uludağ.


With its Renewed System, Bursa Teleferik Became the Symbol of Ecological and Comfortable Transportation

With its renewed system as of 2014, Bursa Teleferik, which started to offer its guests 360-degree sight pleasure accompanied by high security and comfortable private cars that come every 19 seconds, is one of the most significant symbols of Bursa and the first option that comes to mind when Uludağ journey comes up.


It’s a Special Journey

Bursa Teleferik, which stands out with its 9 km line length and is the longest cable car line in Turkey and the world, offers you a brand new and very special experience by making you change all your travel habits. Enjoy this special journey with a 360-degree continuous view, comfortable transportation, and the opportunity to be in Uludağ in approximately 30 minutes thanks to the transparent cars.

Bursa Teleferik operates with 140 cars, each seating 8 people. On the cable car line, which operates continuously in the Detachable Gondola system, where 1 car arrives every 20 seconds, the cars entering the stations are slowed down while coming to the evacuation area, allowing passengers to get on and off easily.

Leading-edge Technology
Bursa Teleferik’s system, which is designed to operate in all weather conditions such as rain, snow, blizzard, can only provide intermittent service in windy weather. The 70 km/h windproof system gives a 3-stage warning during the automatic monitoring process.

There is technical personnel of 2 at all critical points of the cable car line, whose every stage is monitored by the automatic control system. In case of a technical problem, the “evacuation procedure” is applied parallel to the signals of the Emergency Warning system. Electric motors on the line transfer their duties to diesel engines within 3 minutes, enabling the line to be advanced rapidly and the passengers to be evacuated immediately.

Ecological Transportation
Bursa Teleferik offers “eco-sensitive transportation” with its technology elegantly placed in nature. Great care has been taken to protect the environment and consume natural resources economically at every stage of its construction and operation. It includes all the advantages of ecological transportation vehicles. It keeps emissions and wastes at a level that the planet can balance, and reduces the consumption of natural resources.

It offers attentive service to its guests with many social facilities such as a parking lot for 240 cars, charging stations for electric vehicles, entertainment shops, escalators, large passenger reception halls, health center, restaurants and cafeterias, lounges, souvenir photographer, shops with a wide selection of souvenirs to toys, textiles to local delicacies, in its Teferrüç, Sarıalan and Kurbağa Kaya stations.

High Carrying Capacity and Accessible Transportation
The hourly passenger capacity of Bursa Teleferik is 1500 people. In this way, we transport all our guests to the next station without causing them to wait. As they get closer to the stations, the cars’ speed decreases or they come to a stop. In this way, ease of transportation is provided for our passengers with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair.



Teferrüç Station


Teferrüç Station, which is the first step of Bursa Cable Car experience, offers professional service to its guests with its automated system, 240-vehicle car park, entertainment shops, escalator, large passenger reception hall and Cable Car Lounge. You can enjoy the view outside while you are inside, through the windows extending from floor to ceiling, covering both floors of the facility.

Sarıalan Station

The wide range of food and beverage and shopping options, clean forest air, and picnic and camping areas at Sarıalan Station, which offers magnificent panoramic views, are designed to make your time on the cable car more pleasant. You can double your pleasure with the services offered in the VIP room named Kaya Kartalı within the reservation.

Kurbağa Kaya Station


Your cable car journey has come to an end at Kurbağa Kaya Station and you have reached Uludağ Hotels Region. Mountain air with plenty of oxygen in summer and spring, and various winter sports in winter await you here. In the facility, cafes and restaurants, escalators, shopping areas and VIP rooms named Apollo Butterfly, Bozayı and Gökdoğan enrich your experience.

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Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence & Travellers’ Choice Award

We have been honored with the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and Travellers’ Choice award every year since 2016. We would like to thank all our guests who experienced this wonderful journey and appreciated us.

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