Royal Eagle Room

Uludağ Manzaralı VIP Oda

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Royal Eagle Room
Royal Eagle Room
Royal Eagle Room

Spacious Chalet Design:

• Relaxing Uludag view
• Terrace
• Chalet decoration with modern touches
• Underfloor heating
• Vip room with large windows for you to enjoy the view

Services and Facilities:
• Personally created lunch or dinner menus
• Free food and beverage offerings
• Room service that you can use whenever you want.
• Free internet
• Fireplace
• WC

• 30 M-square

Room Features:
• Comfortable sitting area
• Nespresso coffee machine
• Mini bar
• Wireless charging unit on the work desk
• TV – Netflix
• Bluetooth sound system

The royal eagle, also known as the Golden Eagle, is an eagle that has been a symbol of strength in history. It lives in rocky areas and forests in Uludağ. It can reach a speed of 320 km per hour.
You can have the chance to watch a Royal Eagle at any moment while you are wandering in nature on your cable car trip.