Mustela Altaica Room

Uludağ Manzaralı VIP Oda

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Mustela Altaica Room
Mustela Altaica Room
Mustela Altaica Room

Spacious and Large Duplex Chalet:
• Calming view of Uludağ
• Duplex lounge suite
• Chalet decoration with a modern touch
• Floor heating
• A VIP room with large windows for you to enjoy the view

Services and Facilities:
• Customized menus for lunch and dinner
• Complimentary food and beverages
• Room service whenever you want
• Free internet
• Fireplace
• WC – Bathroom

• 35 sqm

Room Features:
• Comfortable sitting area
• Coffee machine
• Minibar
• Wireless charging unit on the study table
• TV – Netflix

Mustela altaicas inhabit high-altitude environments as well as rocky tundra and grassy woodlands. It rests on rock crevices, tree trunks and abandoned burrows of other animals. It continues its existence happily in the magnificent nature of Uludağ, which is one of its natural habitats. With this special room, we make you feel even closer to the endemic values ​​of Uludağ.